Camara group and Pamoja Cloud Services launched the ISO automation RUBiQ Software at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Speaking at the function, Chairperson of the Public Service Commission, Professor Margaret Kobia who was the chief guest emphasized the commitment of the government to deliver on its promise of automating systems for efficient service delivery.

In the past, the process for ISO 9001:2008 certification was performed manually and was daunted by various challenges given the many policies and procedures that have to be managed.
The RUBiQ Cloud based service has consolidates all these processes on one platform and all the monitoring and evaluation can be done online.

_F9A3190 _F9A3219

_F9A3192 _F9A3198 _F9A3201 _F9A3202 _F9A3204 _F9A3205 _F9A3208  _F9A3213 _F9A3231  _F9A3235 _F9A3237 _F9A3242  _F9A3252 _F9A3259 _F9A3271 _F9A3277 _F9A3280 _F9A3286 _F9A3289  _F9A3382 _F9A3385 _F9A3388

_F9A3218 _F9A3247 _F9A3362 _F9A3351  _F9A3299 _F9A3323 _F9A3337 _F9A3342

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