For the last five years Brooke’s programmes have been reporting a rapidly increasing demand for donkeys.  Kenya in particular has seen it as a trading opportunity along with the many others it has with China. To this effect three abattoirs have been built and are operation Goldox Kenya Ltd in Mogotio, Baringo, Star Brilliant donkey slaughterhouse in Naivasha and Zilzha Ltd Slaughterhouse at Nakwaalele in Turkana.

Brooke East Africa is concerned about the emerging trade of donkeys for a number of reasons: the trade is leading to the suffering and death of thousands of animals; the reduction in numbers is most likely leading to additional work for those that remain and there is the potential loss of this important livelihood asset to equine-owning communities. However, some view this trade as a potential income-generating opportunity and suggest that there may be positive livelihood benefits.

This video report will highlight what the impact of the donkey trade on the ground to various key players involved from the donkey owners and users, local administration, the slaughter house representatives, health service providers as well as the general public.


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